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Lifestyle Management

Exclusive to SWM clients

Sports and entertainment professionals receiving the magazine are granted complimentary access to lifestyle management services made possible by a global network of luxury businesses and brands.

A dedicated client operations team will provide recommendations, direct referrals and introductions to brands once a client has expressed interest in a particular product or service.

VIP Card

SWM clients can register for a VIP card and gain exclusive access to SWM’s members-only Instagram account, WhatsApp broadcasts, email campaigns, event invitations, brand introductions, and a dedicated client liaison.

Access off-market real estate listings, exclusive discounts, localised concierge services and unmissable opportunities.

VIP Access

"I have been working closely with the company since I came to Tottenham. They have always been very attentive; they have always worked with them with the utmost professionalism, and they have always treated me first class. They are important to me because they also comfort me a lot. Any problems or ideas that occur to me daily, or whatever comes up, they are always there to help me. I think that if they continue working as they do, they will become one of the biggest companies in the world."

Cristian Romero

"I'm so grateful to the SWM team; it was an amazing experience. From the moment I opened the door, everything was done to the highest level; it was a pleasure. Sometimes when you do something like this, you are already counting down the seconds until it finishes, but if everything is perfect, you don't even notice the time. With SWM, I could spend even more time. It was a fantastic experience. Thank you so much."

Oleksandr Zinchenko

""Working with SWM and their professional team was an absolute pleasure; I want to thank everyone for their attention and kindness. Without a doubt, their work was of a very high standard. I had a great time.""

Carlos Henrique Casemiro

""SWM has helped me and my family so much over the past couple of years. Booking my holidays, helping me reserve restaurants, organising cars and drivers. These are the little details you don't think about until after holidays over, but I never have any worries. Everything is sorted and organised for me and my family. Even now, I'm still taking to the team about villas for the summer, so it's always nice to know that you have people there for you who are willing to help you as much as they can.""

Tammy Abraham

"Working with SWM has always been great. The team created some cool visuals and ideas for our collaboration and the lifestyle management team is always helping me lock in holidays and sort out other things to make my life easier. Top service!"

Trevoh Chalobah

"Working with SWM was amazing; I really enjoyed it. I loved everyone and how it was run - I said to my team after how good everyone was from SWM. Obviously, they put a lot of work in in the background, which doesn’t go unnoticed by me especially. The shoot wasn’t my usual style, but I suppose if you don’t experience these things, you’ll never know how things can look, and the photos came out so well. I was really impressed."

John Stones

"Working with SWM was smooth; it was fun and we were able to connect, get our ideas across and visually make something dope. For me, it’s an honour to be able to do it and be here with you all, so I appreciate it."

Chris Brown

"I’m proud to work with SWM and appear in such a great magazine. The team is at the top of the game and always listened to what I’d like to do - there was a great atmosphere on the day."

Presnel Kimpembe

"SWM has always been massively helpful. Anywhere that I’ve looked to go they can help and with our schedule, it can sometimes be really short notice. If we have tournaments we never know when we’re finishing so in the summer we had the Euros and we were lucky enough to get to the final. Unfortunately, we lost but then it’s a last minute holiday to get away and SWM has always kept that in consideration and been very helpful. Working with SWM on the shoot was brilliant."

Mason Mount

"It was a great experience working with the guys from SWM for the mag, I felt very comfortable around them and had lots of fun on the shoot. In terms of the concierge side - it was effortless and I managed to sort my holiday very easily by getting in contact with the right people."

Jude Bellingham

"I’ve known about SWM since I was at Leicester when the magazines were coming into the training ground. I always thought it was a very clean, professional and interesting magazine because everything in there is relatable for a footballer; the holidays, the watches, the cars."

Ben Chilwell

"I don’t think it’s any secret to anyone how popular and how good SWM is. Whatever you need; whether it’s holidays, drivers, villas abroad or even clothes, it can be absolutely anything and the service is amazing. I’ve obviously used SWM for a while now and I won’t be stopping any time soon. The service is top notch and I look forward to working with them more in the future."

Jack Grealish

"You can count on SWM to help you with all aspects of your life, SWM provide the players with the best services in the world, in all industries."

Alvaro Morata

"Andrew, Liam and the team at SWM have been fantastic for me since I joined Liverpool. They have helped me source vehicles and travel arrangements as well as other products and services for me and my family. I love getting the magazines at the training ground with all the other players. Great magazine."

Gini Wijnaldum

"I love SWM. I love the magazine and to watch the Instagram stories, especially the properties. The guys are seriously good at what they do. Super quick and effective. I have used the services many times. Oh yes, i forgot i also have another car that i bought through your services but we don’t have to mention that in the interview."

Ryan Babel

"SWM can answer my demands all over the world, with an amazing service and magazine."

Cesar Azpilicueta

"The seriousness and availability they offer players is amazing. The magazine is top, the team is top, and the service is top."

Keita Balde

"I love to watch your Instagram stories about houses (Laughs) Seriously you guys are good at what you are doing, you are quick and effective. Oh yes… I forgot I have another car that I would like to buy thanks to your services. But this one doesn’t need to be mentioned in the interview (Laughs)."

Pierre-Emmerick Aubameyang

"It was marvellous meeting new people with great ideas. I realised that you can offer what players usually demand. Thanks a lot."

Roberto Carlos

"I realise that SWM are a very professional and easy-going company. They let me choose my looks during the photo shooting, they suggested a lot of cool things and I really enjoyed my time with them. I would like to thank them for everything."

Karim Benzema

"I like the magazine because it takes the readers to the other side of the game. It’s not just about football; it’s about the lifestyle we have. It includes all the things that we love. When I am with my team mates we don’t always talk about football. We have different hobbies. This shows the people more about the other parts of player’s lives and interests, and this is amazing. When I saw the magazine, I said I wanted to show people that part of me. I said I want to be on page number one."

Dani Alves

"I really think that it is a very interesting magazine. It is a lifestyle magazine that is setting the trend in the current market and in which you can discover some of the most interesting new products and services that become available. It was a pleasure to speak to you because I have been a regular reader of the magazine and really like its style and content."

Leo Messi

Lifestyle Management Requests

For more information on the lifestyle management services, SWM can provide for you or your family, contact the team today for a discreet consultation.