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1. On the initial booking of your allocation a confirmation email will be sent, along with an invoice, legally binding you to these terms and conditions outlined below.

2. We operate a non-cancellation policy. All bookings CAN NOT be cancelled once confirmation is received via email. There is NO cancellation period. However we reserve the right to cancel your partnership at any point should we feel it necessary to do so.

3. Payment is expected in full before any promotion or design can commence, unless otherwise agreed within your confirmation email.

4. Failure to make payment within the agreed 14-day terms may result in your account being suspended and Interest and charges under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 being applied. Where payment fails to arrive within 30 days of the original payment date we reserve the right to pass your account(along with any added interest and charges) to our nominated debt collection agency that will add further costs.

5. We reserve the right to allow a 14-day period beyond our publication date to produce and distribute our magazines allowing for production difficulties.

6. All payments received will be solely for your agreed marketing package which will be included within your invoice. 

7. Failure to provide regular and relevant content may result in no social media coverage. We are in full control of all imagery, captions and hashtags.

8. Adverts that are booked will stand on their own merit and will be based purely on their inclusion within the magazine. They will not be affected by any editorial content that runs near your advert. We hold NO responsibility for adverts which appear next to editorial errors.

9. Your payment for any advertisement booked will have no connection to our magazine layout, page structure, page number, design or editorial content, and is based purely on its presence within our publication.

10. We take no responsibility for any company who cannot be contacted through illness, hospitalisation, disasters, pregnancy or acts of god, which they are or are not responsible for. Due to limited space allocation no refunds will be issued in the event of any of the above.


11. Please send your advert design to our design department on [email protected]

12. Alternatively if you wish for our design team to create an advert for you please inform us and we can do this for you as part of your agreed package.

13. For quality purposes please send your advert, images and logo in high resolution PDF format with all fonts and images embedded.

14. Editorial must be written in the third person, be fully proofed and cannot be amended once submitted (excludes spelling and grammar errors).

15. We enforce our own font guidelines on all editorial pages. Each editorial spread will be created in the font ‘Gotham Book’ to ensure continuity on all editorial pages throughout the publication.

16. We hold no responsibility for supplied images that may be subject to copyright if we have permission from you as the supplier to use them for print or for social media purposes. Any images you provide to us for publication or social media must be licensed by you.

17. Failure to produce ‘finalised’ content before the copy deadline may result in your allocation being cancelled unless agreed otherwise but no refund being issued. It is your responsibility to meet our deadlines for the issue your allocation has been booked in. 

18. You have 7 days after invoice to submit your content to our design team and for your design to be completed. You have up to four drafts before the final design sign off. 

19. Any adverts which we design will be subject to yours and our approval prior to press, however if you cannot be reached or you do not contact us by the copy deadline with any changes that may need to be made; we do reserve the right to run the advertisement without your approval.

20. We enforce our own style and content guidelines on every page of our publication to ensure our audience will find it satisfying. We will work with you to ensure both SWM and yourself are happy with your allocation before going to print. 

21. All artwork and design services are built into the cost of your marketing package; however, if we produce a design outside of SW and this design will not be included within the magazine. This will be an additional charge.

22. All images/logos must be provided in a high resolution of at least 300dpi. Images provided at a lower resolution will not be used in the print publication.


23. SW operates with strict privacy in mind. We believe we have a responsibility to safeguard privacy so that trust is maintained by our partners and clients. 

24. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Payment Services Directive (PSD II) are designed to give you more control. Our top priority is ensuring that our customers and users can use us and be assured of the transparency of the service they receive.

25. We may share your information with third party businesses and partners of SW to help with the promotion of your brand/business. This information will be shared on approval from yourself or a company representative. Business and personal introductions are a key part of how we ensure ROI for you and your business.

26. Outside of the above information SW promises to store your approved data in the safest and securest way, allowing you to be in full control of whom you do business with and who has access to
your information.

27. SW client data must not be shared with any external third party unless prior permission is granted by the client or their representatives.