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Alvaro Morata

In Collaboration with Alexander McQueen

World Exclusive

Location: Madrid, Spain Photographer: Duncan Elliott

Sports World Magazine made the trip to the Spanish capital of Madrid to speak with their valued client Alvaro Morata.

After personally inviting the team to his spectacular home for an original photoshoot, the Spanish international spoke openly about his career, his father, the love he has for his wife Alice and the bond all the players have together at Atletico Madrid.

Tell us about your introduction to football.

‘In Spain all the children played football, especially in school… when we got home in the evening I’d always play for hours with my friends.’

Do you have any great memories playing football when you were younger?

‘I remember as a youth player, if you won the league you were given the chance to play in a big tournament in Spain, coming up against the Champions of other groups. We played against Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid and Getafe and it was an incredible experience.’

At what point were you recognised by scouts?

‘It was actually while playing in that tournament; the Atletico Madrid Academy called my father expressing their interest and inviting me to train with them. My father took me to training, but unfortunately I wasn’t the best in school at the time and my mum said I needed to wait another year to focus on my studies. The year after I started with the Atletico academy.’

What did it mean to you and your family when you were asked to sign a professional contract?

‘It was a dream! As a child I always wanted to be a professional footballer and play in the biggest leagues in the world! I’ve done that, and feel incredibly lucky to have played in La Liga, the Premier League and Serie A.’

There is a lot of pressure put on academy graduates especially when they come from a club like Real Madrid – how did you deal with that?

‘I think a lot of families can fall into the trap of believing their son is the next global superstar. But in my experience the most important thing is to play without pressure, and focus on enjoying the game with your friends.’

Tell us who your biggest inspiration/influence is both on and off the pitch?

‘Off the pitch – my father, without a doubt. From a young age he always said to me that I need to enjoy my life, respect people, and fight for my dreams. On the pitch, I have a lot of idols but one of the most important is Fernando Torres. He’s a huge inspiration for a lot of players my age, because he’s an amazing guy and a footballing legend.’

‘Off the pitch – my father, without a doubt.’

You’ve played for four of the biggest clubs in Europe; Juventus, Atletico Madrid, Chelsea and Real Madrid. In terms of football and lifestyle, what would you say is the biggest difference between all four clubs?

‘All of the clubs I’ve played for are at the top level of world football, and they treat their players very well. The football and lifestyle depends on the country and there are definitely small differences between them, but I was very happy in England and also here in Italy.’

How has it been for yourself and your family to adapt to different cultures?

‘We always adapt together as a family. The club put all of the right platforms in place for us to be happy, but as long as we’re together we’re always happy wherever we are. It’s great to try new experiences and new lifestyles; we love to explore, walk, and visit all of the best restaurants in new cities.’

What are your feelings about returning to Juventus?

‘It’s a great feeling to return to Juventus, I always felt attached to the club and I’m very happy here. When you are in a place that feels like home, there is always a hunger to return. The first spell was great, but I am convinced I’m now a better player and that I have grown up in many aspects of my life, so I’m sure this will be another incredible journey. I will always be ready to play for Juventus; this is a great club, team and ultimately, a family.’

‘I’m sure this will be another incredible journey.’

Tell us more about Turin; what is it like as a city and what are the people like?

‘It’s an amazing city – I love Turin. I have a lot of friends here and I love to visit them when we have time. It’s a quiet place, which suits me as I like to walk into the city with Alice and my dog and people respect us and our privacy. They’re very friendly and funny, always offering coffee and breakfast!’

Was it easier to settle at Chelsea knowing there were other Spanish players in the squad?

‘They helped me a lot. It’s very important as a player coming from another country to have someone helping you to adapt, and I was really lucky to have the likes of Cesc, Azpi, and Pedro.’

Your English is very strong, how has speaking multiple languages helped you at other clubs?

‘I think I still need to improve a lot, but I try to watch TV series in English because I think it’s important all over the world. In the future, I want my sons to speak perfect English too.’

You have a beautiful wife Alice. Tell us more about her and how she has supported you throughout your career so far.

‘My wife and kids are the best thing that I have in my life. Alice has given me stability, affection and love since the day we met. Whenever there has been low points in my life she has always been there for me, and that’s why she is the first thing I think about when I succeed or score a goal. She is the love of my life.’

You have three wonderful baby boys. Tell us how you find balancing your football and family life with three children.

‘Watching your sons grow up is the most amazing thing. I think it’s very important to know that family comes first in life. You can play well in games, score, or sometimes have bad performances, but when you come back they are waiting for you at home – that is the best feeling.’

We know Alice was hoping for a baby girl, but you can now start your own Morata football team. Do the boys like to come and watch you play?

(Alvaro laughs) ‘Yes they love to come and support Papi. They clap and join in singing the Juventus songs with the fans.’

‘Yes they love to come and support Papi.’

How do you, Alice and your children like to spend your time when you are not playing football?

‘We like to spend a lot of our time travelling. It’s more difficult when they’re young, but we love to go to the beach or the mountains. It’s the perfect place to break the normal routine and relax as a family.

’We know Alice has her own brand. Can you tell us a bit more about it?

‘It’s called Masqmai and it’s amazing. She specialises in leather bags and beauty products, and so far the brand has been really successful. The star product is the natural elixir; a 100% natural mixed oil for skin, hair, and nails. I’m really proud of what she’s achieved.’

When we met you two years ago at Chelsea, you told us about your own bakery and how successful it was. Can you tell our readers a bit more about it, and any other business ventures you are involved in?

‘I have a lot of businesses, but Manolo Bakes is very successful. Every day the players are asking me for boxes of luxury croissants, and soon we’ll have 20 bakeries. I’ve also been working on an idea for the future; working with my fellow players to help them save money once they’ve finished their careers. It’s important to know that one day you won’t have the same salary as you do now and you need to have the long term benefits from investments.’

You have lived in Madrid, London and Turin; all are famous for their culture, football and fashion. Are there any particular designer brands that you like to wear?

‘I’m a very classic person when it comes to fashion – I like to wear easy, everyday clothes. A few of my favourites are Scalpers, Dolce & Gabbana, Zegna, and Balenciaga.’

Over the last few seasons we have seen more and more players make the switch from English clubs to Spanish and Italian clubs. Can you see more players from the Premier League making the switch to La Liga and Serie A?

‘Definitely, I think lots of great players are coming to Serie A and La Liga. We had Kieran Trippier when I played for Atletico, and I’m sure he’d be able to tell everyone how good life is in Spain, and I think in the future a lot of English players will make the move. 

I always try to make an effort to speak with the English players. One player from my time at Chelsea that I’d like to see play in La Liga or Serie A is Ross Barkley; he’s strong and skilful, so I think he could be one of the best players in the league.’

We know you have a passion for watches – what watch brands are your favourites?

‘Without a doubt, Rolex, Audemars Piguet, and Patek Philippe. I think they’re the brands that are one step above the rest in quality and class.’

Over the years, although your involvement in the national team has limited your travel time with your family, what are your favourite places to go on holiday?

‘Sardinia, the Maldives, Ibiza, Miami, and Mykonos are some of my favourites, and tend to be the best options for us as a family.’

Describe your ideal holiday and the things you enjoy doing while you are there.

‘I love to spend time on a boat or on an Island with family and friends… light blue water and the sun – it doesn’t get any better!’

Are you considering different locations for holidays now that you have three children?

‘It’s more difficult now to take a boat or long flights. We need to think about the boys and make sure we’re close to a beach so they can play in the sand, so a calm spot close to the hotel or villa is perfect.’

You’re currently building an incredible property, what rooms of the house do you like to focus on during the build?

‘I’ve built a museum inside the house, which is the most important part for me. I have a lot of boots, shirts and other memorabilia that I’ve collected from teammates throughout the years at Real Madrid, Juventus, Atletico, Chelsea, and of course Spain.’

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Alvaro Morata