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Diogo Dalot

The Forbes Experience

World Exclusive

Location: Forbes Tailoring Tailoring: Forbes Tailoring Watches: IWC Schaffhausen Photographer: Will Cornelius Videographer: Oliver Hayes


The Spirit Of Adaption

A world-exclusive SWM collaboration with Forbes Tailoring and IWC

The master craftsmanship of Forbes Tailoring and the bold aesthetic of IWC Schaffhausen’s iconic timepieces, paired with the maturity, composure and pronounced passion of Manchester United’s galvanised Portuguese powerhouse. Discover a collaboration defined by pride in the past and faith in the future.

Paixão | passion | noun

Strong and barely controllable emotion 

If there is one thing Diogo Dalot has in abundance, it’s passion.

Renowned for speed and energy, traits which have reignited Manchester United’s palpable team spirit of late, and electric displays down the right, Diogo is in a league of his own.

But off the field, what’s left? Does he embody the same intensity and emotive zest in his daily demeanour? In short, no. As soon as Diogo enters Forbes’ boutique, an aura of calm descends. His on-field description has never felt more immaterial.

“I would say it’s a good assessment,” admits Diogo in response to this comparison of his on-field and off-field persona. “I like to be energetic on the pitch and show my teammates and the fans that I truly care about the club and the game. But off the pitch, I’m just a calm, normal guy.

Whatever I do; I do it with integrity, passion and love.”

Diogo’s story starts in Braga, a Portuguese municipality rich in neoclassical culture, historical buildings, and baroque architecture. It’s a city famed for tradition and entrepreneurial spirit, a blend of traits that has become embedded within Diogo’s character.

He plays with poise, purpose, and above all, a relentless hunger for success. What’s immediately apparent in his presence is his composure, no matter the situation. He shows complete comfort wherever he is and whoever he is with, almost as if he is predestined to forge relationships and connections with every individual lucky to meet him.

He enters the showroom wearing an oversized Louis Vuitton Varsity Leather Blouson on his back, a Patek Phillipe Nautilus on his wrist and a smile on his face. This is a man who has found his flow – in fashion, in people and in himself. 

But it hasn’t always been this way. After joining United in the summer of 2018, Diogo struggled at first to integrate himself as a first-team player and was subsequently loaned out to AC Milan for the 2021-22 season. It’s an experience which Diogo cites as one of the most important in his life so far. “I have been on a really good path since then. I feel happier, more confident and stronger than ever,” he says. “In life, you must have the spirit of adaption. It’s important to experience new cultures and build new relationships.”

His words are a testament to his explorative nature. His stint in Italy was crucial in his development as a defender. After all, who better to learn the nuanced details and art of defending, than the legendary Paolo Maldini. During his time in Milan, he learned Italian, adding a fourth language to his impressive repertoire.

Today, Diogo is the embodiment of a well-rounded, multi-faceted person with a wealth of intellect and empathy — an impressive feat at the tender age of 25. Admittedly, he learned a lot from his loan spell which now shapes how he lives life: with an open mind and willingness to learn from others.

As soon as the shoot gets underway, this notion reigns true. Hosted in Forbes Tailoring’s newest Cheshire showroom, the setting is a sleek, minimalist space with a clean aesthetic that’s well at home in Wilmslow’s burgeoning luxury district. This latest SW collaboration is not only a celebration of the North West’s most successful brands but also a player who emerged as an adopted son of the red side of Manchester.

Since his return to the North West in 2018, Diogo has become a valued client and friend of SWM, a factor which makes this collaboration all the more special. He is personable, warm and above all, incredibly generous with his time — traits which were felt by all who joined us to capture this project.

On the day Diogo commanded the room with ease and class, taking time to converse with the creatives and stylists. While his experience was far and away from his day-to-day life, it drew parallels to the way he approached his relationship with the many fans he’s accumulated throughout his career.

“I think it’s important to connect with fans, I like to feel close to them,” he says. “I know all the words to their songs, so singing along with them is something that comes naturally to me. When I’m on the pitch, their songs are always in my subconscious and I always hear them. It comes from the heart and connects the players, fans and everyone associated with Manchester United.”

Talent and hard work are not the only factors which contribute to an elite athlete’s success. The family and friends you choose to be around you go a long way in determining the outcome of your career. The world’s best sportspeople have always adopted a social approach to sport and life, leaning on those around them to bring out the best in their performance and personal life. 

In Diogo’s eyes, it has become more and more important as he’s climbed the ladder of success. As we discuss the importance of friends and family, Diogo admits he remains incredibly close to his parents, sister, and several teammates. Notably, Cristiano Ronaldo — a figure of footballing royalty — is one of Diogo’s close friends and confidants whose influence on his career cannot be understated.

“He sees himself as 10 years younger than he is. That’s what keeps him playing at this level, which is one of the biggest secrets about him,” says Diogo. “Every time I leave him, I always leave a little bit richer whether it’s knowledge, experience, or the discussions we have, he gives me so much. It’s an absolute pleasure to spend time with him as a teammate and a friend.”

Cristiano likely played a part in Diogo’s desire to join United, having both moved from their respective academy clubs in Portugal at 18 to play in the Theatre of Dreams. However, the one notable difference between the two is how they express themselves. Diogo’s dress sense is fairly understated, opting for timeless pieces from the world’s most recognisable fashion houses. Cristiano’s style, on the other hand, represents the complete opposite — elaborate prints, bold colours and diamonds ever-present in his wardrobe.

As part of this collaboration, Diogo wore a timeless black three-piece suit tailored by Forbes to his exacting measurements. Forbes is a brand that is both retrospective and forward-thinking, thanks to the outlook of its founder Jim Forbes. Having started the business over 40 years ago, they have quickly risen to prominence in the UK thanks to the subtle combination of sartorial elegance and nostalgia with a twist of modernism.

In recent years, they have become the leading tailoring brand for sports and entertainment professionals all over the world and cemented a reputation for contemporary tailoring and understated luxury menswear, a combination which aligns with Diogo’s image seamlessly.

“My style is really low profile,” he admits. “I like to wear something nice, but not too extravagant. I like wearing luxury brands, but they don’t define me. The suit that Forbes made for me was amazing. I felt really confident wearing it — it was the best suit I’ve ever worn. Wearing a suit makes you realise it’s a special occasion, so it makes that day a little bit more special.”

IWC has been a leader in luxury watchmaking since the brand’s inception in 1868 and provided a carefully curated collection of timepieces for Diogo to wear. But it was their oldest and best-known model that stole the show, thanks to an apt link to our cover star. The Portugeizer watch was first designed in the 1930s at the request of two Portuguese merchants who wanted a wristwatch with the precision of a pocket watch.

It was the perfect option for Portugal-born Diogo, an avid watch collector and fan of high horology. The watches on hand complemented Diogo’s suave but understated look, and the creator’s desire to maximise performance in an entirely separate entity emulates Diogo’s journey to stardom. 

In 2023, Diogo welcomed his first child Clara into the world; a monumental moment which has clearly given him a fresh perspective on life. While he has always had a mature mindset, Diogo now recognises the importance of securing a stable future for himself and his family, beyond his playing career.

Last year, Diogo launched his own business alongside professional padel player Paquito Navarro. May 2023 saw Padel Athletic Club (PAC), a groundbreaking padel destination in Portugal, boasting a 1,000-square-metre facility designed to redefine the sports experience. Situated in Porto’s prime location, PAC features 14 top-tier outdoor courts, including two premium options – Campo Paquito and Campo Dalot – all crafted to mirror professional-grade standards.

With meticulous attention to detail, PAC not only prioritises superior sporting amenities but also champions sustainability with initiatives like reduced water and electricity consumption and plans for solar panel installation. Spearheaded by Valdemar Coutinho, the project ensures an environmentally conscious approach without compromising on quality or innovation.

In line with its commitment to nurturing talent and fostering the growth of padel in Portugal, PAC introduces an exclusive academy helmed by national padel champion Diogo Rocha. Supported by a team of renowned coaches including Ivo Rodrigues, Frederico Augusto, and others, the academy serves as a high-performance centre catering to players of all levels, including aspiring young talents eager to hone their skills on the court.

“Padel is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, so I saw it as a great business opportunity,” admits Diogo. “I love watching it and I love playing during the off-season. The first time I played something grew inside of me; a deep-rooted passion. A footballer’s career is short, so I needed to prepare for the future and I wanted to focus on something I was passionate about.

I know I am still young but life after football is always on my mind, especially now I am a father.

“The first time I held Clara, I knew that I loved this little thing that was in my hands. I’m always learning how to be the best father I can be.” This newfound love is what drives Diogo as he embarks on this latest chapter in his career. His family is the priority, but his love for the football club and playing the game is in equal measure.

Off the field, he leads a quiet life, preferring to spend his time with his wife and daughter at local restaurants across Cheshire. During his academy days, he and his teammates would pass time playing Uno, a simple game that led to his famous celebration of placing his fingers on his neck to feel his pulse. Everything about Diogo paints the picture of a down-to-earth, humble man who prefers life’s simplicities to the luxuries that the world of professional football is associated with. 

When asked about his goals in life his answer is simple, but one that we should all adopt: “I want to be somebody’s idol. I want them to remember me as a player who gave everything for the shirt.

I want to be the best version of myself, always living day by day and enjoying every moment.” 

So, when the stage is set for him in the coming years of his career, will this player fold or raise? Given the remarkable dedication and fervour he has shown so far, we think Uno the rest.

The biggest thing for me about SW is that they are always there for you. If you need anything, they will help you, and don’t expect anything in return, which is rare to find in the football world.

With myself and SW, the connection was always there. It was built on trust, communication, so for me it’s been a very good relationship and I hope it continues for a long time.

Diogo Dalot