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Presnel Kimpembe

In collaboration with Fendi

World Exclusive

Location: Bulgari Hotel, Paris Photographer: Paul Franco Stylist: Romauld Premier Management: Limitless World Corporation

 In a whirlwind eight years, the young Parisian has garnered a reputation as one of the world’s best footballers and the nickname ‘Maestro’ thanks to the hit Vegedream single, Ramenez la couple à la Maison.

World champion, entrepreneur, trendsetter – just a few ways you could describe Presnel Kimpembe.

Born and raised in Île-de-France, Presnel has spent his entire career at Paris Saint-Germain, working his way through the coveted youth system and into the first team in his 17 years at Les Parisiens. He has since won 18 trophies with the club and two titles with the French national team, including the World Cup in 2018. And while he continues to turn heads on the pitch, his sense of style and affiliation with the Parisian culture makes him one of the hottest prospects in Europe. Ahead of this year’s World Cup in Qatar, we spent the day with Presnel at the luxurious Bulgari hotel located minutes away from Paris’ most iconic monuments and destinations. The defining feature of the Bulgari Hotel is the 400 sq. meter penthouse, set high above the intersection of Avenue George V and Rue Pierre Charron. Offering a spectacular 360° view of Paris’ iconic skyline and a backdrop of glass and marble, it was the perfect setting for a unique collaboration with renowned Italian fashion house Fendi.

In a world-exclusive interview, we discussed fashion, lifestyle, and his beloved Paris Saint-Germain. As Presnel looks affectionately over Paris’ Golden Triangle at the Eiffel Tower, Sacré Coeur and Grand Palais, it’s clear how much the city and its people mean to him.

 “PSG means a lot to me – I have learned everything I know here,” he says. “For me, it’s a great honour to be a part of this club, and I am proud to wear the jersey in front of the fans at the Parc des Princes. It is an honour to play for PSG and win so many trophies for the club in my heart; I’m hugely proud of what I have accomplished in my career.”

Presnel is considered a rarity at PSG. When Qatar Sports Investments purchased the club in 2011, PSG became one of the world’s wealthiest football clubs overnight and with that came a diminished opportunity for homegrown talent. The club has invested heavily in talented young players and established superstars, which makes Presnel’s relationship with the Parisians unparalleled and his journey all the more special.

“I love the atmosphere that Paris conveys through its people, culture and art,” he says.

“I love living in the capital, and as a big fashion fan, Paris is a big source of inspiration. When I’m not training or playing games, I enjoy shopping and spending time with my family in the city. It always makes me happy to meet the PSG fans because they are the ones who are behind us and supporting us.”

In an interview with Highsnobiety, he went on to say; “It feels amazing to walk onto the pitch that you always dreamed of playing on. But there are also responsibilities that come with being the child of ‘Paname’ [French slang for Paris]. The city produces a lot of good talent that’s taken to the highest level through the academy. This special relationship pushes you to always want to do better, to make the fans proud but also to not disappoint these people that are from your town and even your neighbourhood. I trained hard to become a footballer but it’s a gift to be able to do it in Paris.” Pressure and expectation are part and parcel of being a professional footballer. The demand is heightened for Presnel, thanks to his previous successes playing for the national team and the country’s biggest club, PSG. Presnel admits that despite this, much of the pressure comes from within.

“Being a competitor, I always try to do better and surpass previous achievements,” he says. “My goals are to win as many trophies as possible for PSG and France. The 2018 FIFA World Cup was a unique and special experience – winning that prestigious trophy was like living a daydream. I was delighted to represent my country and share the experience with the French people.”

As a professional footballer, Presnel’s achievements cannot be understated, nor can his achievements in business and the work done by his charity foundation STRONG3R. However, it is his penchant for fashion and vast array of voguish outfits which first caught the attention of the SWM team. Describing his style as unique but casual, Presnel admits working with the world’s best fashion brands is an opportunity he never takes for granted.

“I have a special relationship with fashion,” he says.

“I like to combine classic, original and unique pieces to create outfits that stand out; I would describe my style as a mix of streetwear and casual chic. At PSG, it’s great to have the chance to wear clothes from collaborations with fashion brands like Air Jordan and Dior, especially for someone like me who loves everything about fashion.”

In an interview with Highsnobiety, Presnel raised another interesting point: “I think it’s important to have as much charisma on the pitch as you do in the street, and that’s why style is something I care so much about. I’ve always been into it, although my style has changed over the years. But I think your personality and the vibe you give off is something that goes beyond clothing, especially when you’re playing. Take a good, well-cut suit for example. There are guys that’ll wear one and will look like nothing. But others will look really classy. In football, it’s the same.” He continues: “We’re living in a time when fashion and the street are coming closer together – one inspires the other. There are fewer barriers today than there used to be, the new generation has changed that. The two also need each other, football comes from the street and fashion is approaching urban culture more and more, so it’s natural that the two are becoming more interlinked.”

Fashion isn’t the only passion Presnel has outside of football. The Parisian has several business interests including his fashion brand PK3 Paris and his latest venture, Limitless World Corporation. The company originated from Presnel’s experiences as a footballer growing up in PSG’s academy. Despite access to the world’s best coaching and support network, Presnel noticed a gap in the market and an opportunity to support fellow athletes.

“Outside of football I have many projects, one of which is Limitless World Corporation, a company that offers personalised coaching services around the world,” he says. “The services we will offer include sports coaching, nutrition, project management, event management and consulting. Having used different services all over the world, I decided to start this company to pass on my knowledge to future generations.” Limitless World Corporation is more than just a concierge,” he continues. “It’s a family office, where our goal is to defend our talent’s best interests and support them throughout the different stages of their lives. We would love Limitless World Corporation to be the first reference when it comes to family office and concierge services. In 10 years, I hope the company will be sustainable, our clients will trust us and be satisfied with our services.”

Presnel joins an esteemed list of footballers who have collaborated with Fendi in 2022. Seen here wearing pieces from their Autumn/Winter collection, the combination of ‘classic elegance’ and ‘contemporary aesthetic’ offers perfect synergies with Presnel’s profile and style. Reflecting on the collaboration with Fendi and SWM, Presnel admits it was a seamless experience supported by a ‘top’ team.

“Everything went really well on the day,” he says. “I’m proud to work with SWM and appear in such a great magazine. The team is at the top of the game and always listened to what I’d like to do – there was a great atmosphere on the day.”

At just 27 years old, Presnel is one of the world’s most exciting and sought-after athletes in the world. Yet in the face of such superstardom, he remains self-effacing and aware of the importance a position like his holds. Status, fame, and adulation, give Presnel a platform capable of change and it’s something that he is acutely aware of. During our conversations, we discussed where he envisioned his company in 10 years’ time. But perhaps the bigger question is: what will his legacy look like in 10 years time? Having spent the day with Presnel, we are certain it will be lasting and leave an impact that reaches far beyond his wildest dreams.

“I’m proud to work with SWM and appear in such a great magazine. The team is at the top of the game and always listened to what I’d like to do - there was a great atmosphere on the day.”

Presnel Kimpembe