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Revolutionise Recovery with Red Light Therapy by CTN LedPro™

In the competitive realm of elite sports, recovery is as critical as the training itself. LedPro™ emerges as a pivotal solution for anyone aiming to optimize their recovery process. This state-of-the-art device blends powerful red light therapy with near- infrared technology, directly targeting the essence of athletic recovery—cellular repair and enhanced circulation. Sports World are proud to work with CTN as official partners, unleashing the power of optimal wellbeing and vitality with cutting-edge solutions. 

The Science Behind the Therapy

LedPro™ operates on a straightforward yet effective principle. In a mere 15-minute session, it emits red light within the 630-660 nanometer range, penetrating the skin’s surface to stimulate the mitochondria in skin cells, a key process for cellular energy (ATP) production and tissue repair. Simultaneously, near-infrared wavelengths (700-1100 nanometers) reach deeper bodily tissues, impacting muscles, nerves, and bones to promote cellular repair and improve circulation at a more profound level.

Why LedPro™?

The recovery phase is not just crucial for Athletes, but anyone looking to feel and perform at their best. The LedProTM accelerates this phase by supporting energy production and tissue repair, ensuring a comprehensive recovery. This dual-action approach allows athletes to return to their training sooner and with a reduced risk of injury.

Key Features of LedPro™

Advanced Photobiomodulation Technology: Utilizes 11,611 LEDs to deliver optimal red and near-infrared light, essential for skin health and muscle recovery.

User-friendly Interface: Features an 8” HD touchscreen for automated therapy sessions, tailored to individual wellness needs.

Energy-Efficient Design: Boasts low energy consumption and sustainable materials, marking it as an eco-friendly option.

Safe and Non-Invasive: Provides a painless treatment suitable for all skin types, with no adverse effects.

Design and Performance

The LedPro™ showcases a sleek, durable design with high-quality Epistar LED lights for effective therapy. Its fully automated and quick treatment sessions integrate seamlessly into any wellness routine. An advanced cooling system ensures consistent performance, distinguishing it as a premier addition to both professional and personal wellness spaces.

The CTN LedPro™ is more than a device; it’s an indispensable recovery ally for not just athletes, but all individuals. Its scientifically-supported methodology guarantees that each session supports quicker recovery, enhanced performance, and overall well-being. Incorporating the LedPro™ into their regimen provides athletes with a competitive advantage, ensuring peak performance at all times.

Embark on a transformative journey with CTN’s advanced recovery devices, endorsed by high-performing professionals worldwide.

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