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Siberia | All white portion

To mark the end of another hugely successful and pioneering year for GN Tobacco Sweden, they have launched a brand new product to take the market by storm.

Siberia All White Portion is the first tobacco-free product under the umbrella of the Siberia brand and will come in several different sizes to ensure there is something for everyone.

Inspired by the cold Siberian winds, this brand new All White Portion offers a cool mint flavour, comfortable fit and lasting taste, which will likely make it one of the most popular products available on today’s market.

Ahead of the official launch, we spoke to Max McKinnon, Chief Operating Officer at GN Tobacco Sweden, for an exclusive insight into their latest offering.

Tell us about GN Tobacco’s latest product. 

Siberia All White Portions are the first portion in the world to be represented in the market as both traditional Swedish Snus and as an All White product. This hasn’t been done before and we are thrilled to be the first to accomplish this here at GN Tobacco.

What was the inspiration for Siberia All White?

Siberia All White Portion was inspired by a challenge that we set ourselves. Capturing the essence of Siberia without tobacco was no simple task, but through tireless research and development, we finally achieved a result we were proud to share with the world.

Who is the new product aimed at?

The flavour profile is famously known for its spearmint and icy sensations. For anybody who likes a really strong portion, these are definitely something to try, especially if you love original Siberia.

Will there be different versions of Siberia All White?

Currently, Siberia All White is available in several different sizes: Regular portion, Slim portion, Mini portion, Ultra Slim portion, Long portion, Maxi portion and the all-new Super Slim portion. We wanted to make sure that there was a choice for all preferences.

This is another exciting step for GN Tobacco. What’s next?

As always we are constantly hunkered down with product development, so we have some exciting things coming. For obvious reasons, I can’t speak about them in great detail, but rest assured, watch this space!

For more information or to order Siberia All White Portion, contact the team today.


SWM does not condone the use of nicotine-based products. The purpose of this advertorial is to promote nicotine-based alternatives to traditional snus. Tobacco can be harmful which is why SWM does not condone the use of tobacco-based products under any circumstance.

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