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The Art of Interiors

Art is fast becoming recognised as an essential component of a modern home. Art and interiors are inextricably linked in aesthetic and emotional ways for both collectors and homeowners alike. 


London-based interior design studio J&D Design place a strong artistic focus within all their projects. “Art is a vital component in the creation of any scheme and is frequently our starting point for designing an interior space” says co-founder and director Jane Duncan.


“It can be the inspiration for creating a complete colour scheme, or a statement celebration marking key moments in life, such as an anniversary or birthday. It is very personal for our clients”.


Our Art Advisory service is supported by our in-depth published research and knowledge, specifically within the area of colour psychology, health and well-being. This is at the heart of what we do. Investing in art is more than simply about basic likes and dislikes, art that holds meaning for us is important and can in-fact help improve our wellbeing. 


Jane refers to her previous background in healthcare research at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, where she worked with a neuroscientist on a unique scientific research project studying the effect of visual art and live music in the healthcare environment. Funded by The Kings Fund, it was the world’s first scientific study of its kind. Over the course of three years the study aimed to investigate the effects of visual art and live music on patients, staff and visitors. Amongst the findings it was revealed that visual art had a significant effect in reducing depression, as well as helping reduce length of labour, and requirement for analgesia.  Specific colours and designs also had a positive effect on patient’s wellbeing in hydrotherapy. The results of this ground-breaking study have been published and the outcomes continue to be integrated into the design of hospitals and healthcare settings today.


Now that we are all spending more time in our homes, bringing joy to our daily living experience through art and colour can be one of the most relevant and satisfying investments we can make. By introducing art in the home or garden, it is possible to reimagine everyday living spaces and enjoy an art collection on a day to day basis. 


Colourful and textural artworks can add a visual sense of aesthetic tactility to the home and can be displayed in different mediums from wall art to 3 dimensional sculptural installations. Through skilful lighting design, individual pieces can be highlighted or grouped together to create an eye-catching focal point. 


“We like to appeal to people’s sense of fun as well as serious investment. What we try to do is help clients select artwork that speaks to them directly. When choosing art, it should be something that you are visually interested in and love, something which appeals to the heart as well as the mind. Never underestimate the power of a great piece of art to lift your spirits”. 


We are fortunate to be in the position to have built up established relationships with artists and galleries from around the world, and our portfolio ranges from iconic names to contemporary emerging talent.


One leading artist whom we greatly covet, and who has created some of the worlds’ most compelling pieces of contemporary artwork for private and public spaces, is the internationally renowned figurative Italian sculptor, Lorenzo Quinn. Inspired by the great masters such as Michelangelo, Bernini and Rodin, he is probably best known for his expressive recreations of human hands. Spiritual and authentic, his work ranges from monumental public art, to detailed sculptures for interiors and gardens as well as an exquisite range of fine jewellery. Each of his pieces elegantly conveys his eternal messages about love and relationship’s. His sensitivity to the human experience also feeds into his support for many philanthropic and charitable causes. J&D Design are delighted to share with SWM readers an exclusive interview with the artist,  the first of our quarterly series ‘The Art of Interiors’. Featured in the winter edition.


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