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The future of dentistry has arrived

Cosmetic dentistry has become increasingly popular over the last decade and one of the leading names in the industry, Dr. Robbie Hughes, is bringing a new and exciting technique to the UK market. Known s’the footballer’s dentist’, Robbie and his elite team at Dental Excellence are responsible for some of the most famous smiles in the game.

Robbie is a trailblazer and his pioneering work with new technologies and digital workflows has raised the level of private dentistry throughout the industry. The latest innovation that Robbie  is bringing to the UK is FirstFit, a revolutionary treatment that allows porcelain veneers to be prepared and fitted in a single appointment – unheard of before now. The treatment guarantees a level of accuracy that is unprecedented and reduces the amount of patient appointments required, For busy professionals, time is precious so to be able to deliver elite levels of care and quality, in a fast and efficient way is game changing.

SWM sat down with Robbie to discuss what this innovative treatment means for the sporting clientele of Dental Excellence UK.

Tell us about FirstFit

FirstFit is a fantastic new digital technology that offers the most precise and minimally invasive procedures in cosmetic dentistry. The technology involved allows us to prepare a tooth quickly and predictably for veneers, which are prefabricated, and can be fitted immediately on the same appointment.

The predictable treatment options, minimally invasive procedures, and incredibly high levels of quality-control, allow for faster treatment times and fewer appointments, which are significant factors for a lot of our sporting professionals.

What does the patient experience look like?

Every patient journey starts with a full case assessment, we make sure oral health is excellent before we start any cosmetic treatments. We discuss the patients’ smile goals, look at tooth shapes and styles, and get a deep understanding of what they want to achieve. From there we will digitally design their new smile, and then our patient will test drive their new smile by trying it in their mouth via a 3D printed model. This happens before any treatment so we can make changes and customise it to the patients exact wishes.

Once approved, the porcelain veneers are fabricated in the FirstFit lab, and we then carry out the final veneers fitting in just one appointment. This means just two sittings for the patient of around three hours in total, rather than four to five appointments and eight to ten hours in the chair.

Is this technique exclusive to Dental Excellence?

Yes, we are the first practise to bring this to the market in the UK and we will also be providing training on this new technology to other dentists around the country. Patients can arrange consultations from our website or get in touch via SWM.

How is this technique different to other Porcelain Veneers?

The end results are similar but by using FirstFit, the quality control is higher, which means we can make thinner veneers for a more natural feel. The technology means these is less filing of the enamel on the natural tooth so the preparation process us very minimal. The planning and fabrication is all digital which removes any opportunity for human errors.

What is the future of FirstFit at Dental Excellence?

W have always been at the forefront of digital dentistry and new innovations, and FirstFit is a fantastic addition to our toolkit. Reducing the amount of time the patient is in the chair and enabling us to create life changing smile makeovers in just two appointments is phenomenal.

FirstFit is the perfect extension to everything we have been focusing on over the last few years, combining the ultimate patient journey with predictable, quality-controlled dentistry. I have athlete levels of drive and determination to be the best in my field so bringing this amazing concert to our patients really excites me.

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