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Discover the epitome of luxury living with Smallbone. 


Found in the finest homes and properties around the world, Smallbone is renowned for its handcrafted kitchens and furniture. A British company with true pedigree, Smallbone has been making beautiful, bespoke cabinetry in its Devizes workshop in Wiltshire, England, ever since the company was founded in 1978. Always at the forefront of innovation in the home, in early 2021 Smallbone will unveil a new showroom in Knightsbridge, London, that heralds a new dawn for luxury retail. A place where magnificent craftsmanship meets inspired design, the showroom will reveal, like never before, Smallbone’s mastery in creating luxurious, highly personalised spaces that are as unique as their owner. 


Born from passion, defined by craft 

With a heritage deeply rooted in England, Smallbone was founded by a team of artisan designers who shared a passion for original design and fine craftsmanship. Together, they had an uncompromising vision: to change the way we live. More than 40 years later and Smallbone is at the forefront of bespoke interior design with its inventive, expertly crafted designs that push the boundaries of what is possible within the home. 


The Original Handpainted Kitchen 

In the early days, Smallbone pioneered the concept of hand-painted cabinetry, trailblazing a new style of kitchen that placed this previously overlooked room at the very heart of the home. It became an instant classic for its simple, informal aesthetic and architectural beauty. In honour of its status as a seminal piece of interior design, Smallbone renamed the kitchen Iconic and today its timeless elegance remains enduringly popular with Smallbone’s discerning clientele. 


Unveiling the Icarus Collection 

Smallbone is always looking for new ways in which to excite and excel, and for 2020 it does just that with the new Icarus Collection. A tour de force of contemporary design with signature sweeping contours inspired by the parabolic curve found on the underside of a bird’s wing, the floating, scalloped glass cabinets, crafted using a time-honoured technique to shape glass that dates back to Roman times, form a dramatic centrepiece, while the curved oak doors are enhanced with shimmering flecks of brushed gold. A daring design that fuses traditional furniture-making skills and 21st-century engineering, Icarus will be showcased exclusively at the new Brompton Gate showroom. 


Rare materials and innovative finishes 

Each piece of wood is individually selected by Smallbone’s craftsmen for the uniformity of its grain and the intricacy of its patterning, with rare exotic hardwoods like Macassar ivory bringing a luxurious richness to cabinetry and furniture. Proprietory techniques have been developed by Smallbone to accentuate the grain inherent in the wood, from treatments that bleach oak to emphasise its organic aesthetic to signature stains and washes, which are applied by hand over the wood for a custom finish. 


A bespoke experience from start to finish 

Inviting a Smallbone designer into your home is your chance to create a space that encapsulates who you are. A collaborative experience, it is an opportunity to explore the different collections, luxury materials and numerous bespoke finishes. Design elements are individually tailored to different lifestyles and passions, from state-of-the-art coffee machines that can be hidden out of sight in a beautiful, bow-fronted standalone pantry to kitchen islands that integrate ingenious storage solutions and can be crafted to fit seamlessly in any space. 


For any room in the home 

Smallbone’s highly bespoke nature extends throughout the home. Woods can be personalised with modern staining techniques for a sumptuous finish to desks, cabinetry, bookcases and wall panelling in studies and media rooms. Impeccably crafted bedroom furniture lends a quiet beauty to one of the most important rooms in your home, while Smallbone can advise wine connoisseurs on how best to protect their investments whilst showcasing them with a statement wine wall or even a dedicated wine room. 


Expect the unexpected 

For Smallbone’s designers, no request is too unique or unusual. They excel at sourcing materials of quality and distinction, such as the exquisitely veined, increasingly rare burgundy Rosso Levanto marble, which makes the boldest of statements as a worktop. From a bespoke drawer to house Nespresso pods to hidden spaces for concealing valuables, ice buckets integrated into islands and even an internet shopping room with a handcrafted cabinet for each family member, Smallbone opens up a world of limitless possibilities within the home. 


A new London showroom 

Smallbone’s 15,000 sq ft Knightsbridge showroom is a brand-new concept that will offer an unprecedented multi-sensory private shopping experience. Spread over four floors, it will showcase the very best of contemporary luxury, placing different Smallbone kitchens and whole-home solutions in design stories that reveal the myriad options for personalisation. Partner brands have been selected because they share the same ethos as Smallbone. They include Samsung, whose next-generation 8k micro LED display called The Wall – a six-metre-wide screen – is the first permanent installation of its size in the world. The by-appointment-only showroom is the perfect opportunity to discover bespoke creativity and craftsmanship in person and enjoy hospitality the Smallbone way through events that will take place throughout the year, including exclusive launches and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. A destination in itself, complemented by rotating displays of contemporary art, a bar and dedicated Omakase on the first floor, the showroom will open its doors in January 2021. 


Introducing the AirDresser 

Smallbone has partnered with Samsung to revolutionise clothing care with the new AirDresser. A state-of-the-art clothing care system that uses heat, air and steam to refresh, revitalise and sanitise garments, JetSteam technology provides sanitisation via a sanitise cycle, a Deodorising Filter eradicates lingering odours from garments and a proprietary HeatPump Drying system dries clothes gently and quickly. 


As a special offer for SWM readers, Smallbone will include a complimentary AirDresser with all dressing room and utility room orders placed during Winter 2020/21. 


Please contact your SWM concierge to arrange a personal consultation with a Smallbone designer or to make an appointment to visit the new Knightsbridge showroom. 


“The quality of every bespoke Smallbone creation, be it a kitchen, a walk-in dressing room or a home study, is exacting and exquisite. Our craftsmen are skilled perfectionists who bring passion and dedication to every project.” 


— Ron Shemesh, Chief Value Creation Officers Smallbone


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