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Luxury home management services

 Have you ever wondered how ultra-high-net-worth individuals manage their complicated and busy lifestyles?


Becoming wealthy certainly has its advantages, but there are a number of challenges that present themselves when you’re considered high-net-worth. None more so, than the continued management and maintenance of your property portfolio. Are you looking for accessories for your recently refurbished home? Keen to make a statement with a spectacularchandelier in the entrance hall? Or, have staffing issues in your 50,000 sq. ft. forever home in Surrey? Thankfully, there are experts to help you navigate the complicated world of property management and look after your home so that you don’t have to. SWM sat down with Merianne Molina-Pethers, director of Luxury Home Management, for an exclusive insight into their services. With more than 15 years of experienceworking in the prime property industry, Merianne and her businesspartner Adam Day, manage all aspects of their UHNW clients’ homes whether it be interior design, staffing, management, or hand-picked furniture.


Luxury Home Management

As the original offering from the team, home management is a fundamental part of their service and can be tailored to you depending on your individual requirements. A home requires a great deal of upkeep and maintenance which can be time-consuming. However, time is usually the one luxury in life that UHNW individuals simply don’t have. Luxury Home Management takes the stress out of managing your property, covering a wide range of services from household and wardrobe management to preventative and reactive maintenance.


“Under the umbrella of Luxury Home Management comes property management which is understanding that homes don’t run themselves in any respect,” says Merianne.


“99% of our clients are ultra-high-net-worth individuals so their lives are complicated and they simply don’t have the time or inclination to check that taps are running, the gates are functioning, or that the security is still working while they’re out of the country.


“Every contract we create is customised to that client’s requirements and dependent on the size of the property, the contents, and how that family lives.


“Once we know your requirements, we’ll go in and check the property, oversee everything, and be on hand when any problems arise.


“We’re on board to make sure that doesn’t happen but if it does, we come with our team, check it, fix it, and notify you of the changes that we’ve made.


“We’ll also make sure that when you arrive home, you’re not walking into a cold and empty property that doesn’t feel like home. 


“We’ll arrange for your fridge to be filled with your favourite food, arrange temporary staff if necessary, and have cleaners and housekeepers come in to refresh your sheets and fill your vases with flowers so that you can enjoy a five-star hotel environment in your own home.”


Luxury Home Interiors

With a background in interiors and home design, Merianne and Adam have a wealth of experience in making your home look and feel beautiful. Four years ago, when they started Luxury Home Management, it became clear that there was a synergy between property management and interior design.As a result, the team also offers a full interior styling service to make sure your home looks elegant and luxurious irrespective of budget.


Their Luxury Home Interiors service is available on a room-by-room basis or for a full-home project and is tailored to suit an existing aesthetic or to completely change the look and feel of your home. “Luxury Home Interiors is a full interior design service,” explains Merianne. “We come in with a vision and can see where it might have gone wrong or might be outdated and in need of a refresh.


“London is the capital city of interiors so it’s full of representatives from all sectors of the industry whether that’s furniture, fabrics, upholstery, lighting or accessories.


“We have relationships with all of these brands and what we do is bring all of our expertise together to create something truly bespoke, because we’re more than just interior designers.


“We try to look at it from the perspective of the person that’s living in that property, and make sure we’re taking into account the efficient running of the property, their lifestyle, the size of their family and the flow of their home.


“It’s very unusual that we would just do an interior project in the traditional sense. Usually, it’s combined with another area of our business like FF&E (furniture, fixtures and equipment) which is in itself another element of interior design.


“We go into detail for every part of your home as each luxury piece is made to order, so this is where people sometimes come unstuck as the lead times are longer due to the challenges of Brexit and Covid.


“Ultimately, our clients can have anything they want – all they need to do is talk to us and we can source the pieces that click in their minds and make them think, ‘this is what I needed, this is what I’d envisaged’.


“We only work with the best and the service we offer is completely bespoke. We don’t have a cookie-cutter solution so we’ll try to understand your needs and we will customise your interior solutions based on your lifestyle, home, style and how you want to live.”


Luxury Home Shop

Having worked with private clients exclusively since starting the business, Merianne and Adam decided it was time to offer their expertise out to as many potential customers as possible. Last year they launched Luxury Home Shop; a curation of their favourite luxury homeware and interior brands, designers and collections, all available to purchase via their website.


“Luxury Home Shop came as an organic extension of interiors as we didn’t want to limit our offering to just our existing clients,” explains Merianne.


“We decided to open it out to an organic reach of customers who, with careful branding, will hopefully turn into clients for our other services too.


“As with everything we do, it’s all bespoke and custom made and we only show a small percentage of what we can actually acquire, so we’ll keep adding to the shop as the demand grows.


“The businesses and brands that we work with are manufacturing products specifically for us, so if it’s leather goods, for example, you can choose from any of 100 colours and from a whole range of leather finishes.”


“Each manufacturer will often have collections with wonderful designers, with ranges from not just accessories but right through to furniture.


“We like to work with people who are experienced in their niche and well established, and offer something to our clients and new customers that simply isn’t available elsewhere.”


Luxury Home Staffing

Wealthy families will often need to consider employing domestic staff to manage their homes, lifestyles and busy schedules.


But good help can be hard to come by, especially when you consider the challenges of hiring, managing, and retaining your staff.


The experts at Luxury Home Management are on hand to take the pain out of recruitment and will actively source suitable candidates for you, ensuring their skills match your specific requirements.


Whether you’re looking for an estate manager, housekeeper, or a private chef, they will provide highly skilled individuals who are experts in their field.


“We come from a really experienced place where we have worked with staff for many years, so we’re not recruiting in a world we’re not familiar with,” says Merianne.


“When it comes to housekeepers, estate managers, nannies, chefs, or personal trainers we have experience of working with the best.


“With every placement, we seek out the best fit for the family and the home because staffing is extremely personal.


“You’re inviting someone to share in the intimacy of your life and to know the secrets of how you live, so we emphasise the importance of discretion to all of our applicants.


“They must be flexible to suit the requirements of the family and we need to be sure of their attitude, manners, and ability to go into someone’s home and become a part of their lifestyle without intruding, so it’s a difficult balance.


“However, we’re proud to say our staffing service is running entirely by referral so all of our clients have come to us through an introduction from another client who was happy with how we dealt with their request.


“We are in challenging times with staffing though, as a lot of the housing staff have had to leave the UK and the demand is currently exceeding the number of people available.


“It makes it even more challenging to find the person and then get them in, but we really care about our candidates and our clients, so we always want to make it work for both of them.”


If you’re looking for staff, interior styling or property management and wish to work with a discreet and professional team, look no further than Luxury Home Management. Merianne and Adam have spent over four years building their business organically through client referrals and the strength of their reputation.


For an initial introduction to a member of the team get in touch with SWM today or contact Luxury Home Management directly.


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