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Sony Premium 4K Home Cinema Projectors

Imagine your favourite movies, sports and video games in true cinematic detail in your own home. Experience cinema-quality entertainment in a whole new dimension with premium home cinema projectors from Sony, designed to bring a real cinematic experience to your own home.


Bring movies to life

Bringing the ultimate big-screen experience to your home in a compact and discrete chassis, Sony are the proud creators of the world’s finest home cinema projectors. Combined with an advanced laser light source, Sony uses the same 4K HDR panels found in professional cinema projectors for high resolution and super-high detail images creating that truly unforgettable experience, whatever you’re watching.


Experience sports in premium quality

Our innovative 4K Motionflow™ technology cleverly adds extra frames to reduce blur while maintaining brightness, making our projectors perfect for fast-moving sports content. 


Videogames in true cinematic detail

Compete against your friends with the latest 4K HDR videogames, lag-free and on the big screen in pixel-perfect detail. All Sony premium laser projectors support games running at 60 frames per second, allowing for much smoother image transitions for fast-moving action scenes. Play games how the creator intended and upscale the visuals to maximise your gaming enjoyment.


Why 4K?

Sony is proud to be the market-leading native 4K home cinema projector manufacturer and offers the gold-standard for image quality in entertainment. At four times the detail of Full HD, fine details are wonderfully clear and natural, taking the experience to a new level of immersion. 

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