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The Arrival Wave: How Football’s New Trend is Reawakening Fan Culture

A slick two-piece. A logo-laden toiletry bag. A pair of Jordans and a fresh fade. Footballers are finding their flow in the throws of high fashion just as we gear up to an exciting EURO 2024, breathing new life into our Instagram feeds and inspiration boards.

The football ‘arrival’ movement has grown immeasurably in recent times, with clubs’ training ground entrances transformed into runways as photographers line up to capture the player’s as they arrive for duty. The images are then posted on social media for fans to interact with, and find new fashionable muses in their favourite players.

It’s a trend that is welcome in the often toxic world of elite-level football media. The connection between fans and players has often fallen into ill repute, with bad performances on the pitch resulting in a torrent of abuse hurled their way on social media and in the press. While this issue continues to transcend generations – just think back to the infamous hanging effigy of David Beckham strung up outside a South Norwood pub after his 1998 World Cup red card – the new interest with player’s personal outfit choices could be a welcome arrival within football fan culture.

Footballers performing at the highest level love their fans and value their role in the game. Here at Sports World we know that all too well, having spoken with the game’s biggest players and discovered their love for the people they represent. The connection between players and fans is the beating heart of the game, fuelling emotion and the moments that truly matter, so reinvigorating the personability of players will only improve the future of football – both on the stands and the pitch.

Here is Sports World’s editors picks of the top six arrival outfits from National Players ahead of EURO 2024.


1. Nathan Ake’s Orange LV Polo

2. Ibrahim Konate’s Raceday-Inspired Palm Angels Tracksuit

3. Leroy Sané’s Relaxed Supreme Look

4. Antoine Griezmann’s Forest PRADA Fit



5. Rafael Leão’s F50-Fronted Boiler Suit



6. Amadou Onana’s Retro College-Core


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