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What’s your retirement game plan?

Property is proven to be one of the most resilient and safe investment options that reliably delivers returns over the long-term, which is why sports professionals choose to include buy-to-let property in their portfolio when planning for the future.


Retirement is primarily reserved for the over 65s, but in reality, a professional athlete’s retirement will take place sooner. They might already have a career transition mapped out once their sporting career comes to an end, but preparing and planning well in advance of this period is important to provide financial stability for the future and ensure an athlete finds a vocation they enjoy when they retire.

There are a variety of ways to plan for life after professional sports and multiple asset classes to consider. Any sensible adviser offering guidance on building wealth will propose creating a diverse portfolio that includes a variety of investment types, and as a long-term strategy, a portfolio will include buy-to-let property.

Why invest?

Property investment is proven to grow wealth and enable financial freedom. It delivers a combined return that few other asset classes can with a stable cash flow via rental income and as the value of property increases over the long term an investor will enjoy the capital appreciation of their asset.

One of the greatest appeals of property investing for many is that it is a known entity, a time-tested investment type that has a long track record of proving resilient over the long term. A hands-off strategy that offers passive income together with capital appreciation, property is a low-risk investment type compared to others considered when planning for the future and building wealth. And furthermore, few other investment types can demonstrate the same level of growth – looking at the UK, according to the Halifax bank, average property prices have risen by 73% over the last 10 years.

Property is an excellent tool when building their overall wealth, it enables an investor to leverage, and boost additional income and wealth further – the most exciting part of investing is when your investments start paying for new investments to add to your portfolio.

Property adviser

If you’re going to buy a property as an investment you need to speak with an expert property adviser, someone who can advise you on the market, has a wealth of contacts, access to the best opportunities and can offer clarity, allowing an investor to make well-informed decisions when buying property.

Just as you wouldn’t ask a jeweller which sports car has the lowest emissions or your physio about which security system you should be installing, seeking advice from an expert in their field will serve you with the best result – if you want to invest in property, speak with the property experts.

From their offices in Mayfair, London and Business Bay in Dubai, professional property investment consultants Thirlmere Deacon offer guidance and assurance to discerning investors. Working together with other expert advisors and specialists in their respective fields, Thirlmere Deacon provides tailored advice on property investment, proposing opportunities that meet the criteria and ambitions of each individual investor.

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